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Source Publishing Ltd

What we did for Source Publishing Ltd

Source Publishing Ltd had a great idea for a couple of co-branded websites that would leverage their reputation as the leading publishers for the consumer pharmaceutical and generics medicines businesses.

The brief was to deliver two websites through which the healthcare industry could publish and search for "opportunities" - a product looking for a route to market, or the chance to collaborate on research or development, or a company in need of a particular medicine or treatment, for instance.

We produced a core look-and-feel for one site aimed at the over-the-counter market and another at the generics market. Source specified that both sites would be driven from a single content management system (CMS) and that the sites would operate on a user registration basis. Once registered and logged in, users can view opportunities and post new ones of their own.

We created a CMS for the project from scratch, focusing upon Source's workflow and designed to make the management of content as straightforward as possible. Opportunities can be arranged by type and sector and are fully searchable. The websites also benefit from an ads banner rotation system which enables users to advertise across the sites.

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